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Foshan Sanshui Richy Electric Appliance CO., Ltd. is a China electric fan suppliers, The constant high quality of our richy stand fan is trustworthy. The main characteristics of standing fans are large air volume and low noise. In hot summer, indoor ventilation, cooling, improve the environment better, floor standing fan on the ground can be used on stable safety features. Floor fans can be widely used in industrial and mining enterprises warehouse, workshop, restaurant, home and other places. The maintenance of standing fan:  The electric fan should be placed smoothly, no obstacle is allowed within the shaking range, and the power cord should prevent tripping. When using the timer switch, the timer knob should be rotated clockwise instead of counterclockwise to avoid damaging the timer. Electric fan in operation issued a strange sound, burnt smell or smoke, should immediately shut down the power maintenance.The electric fan should be regularly lubricated with oil, and the forward and backward bearings can be injected with a few drops of sewing machine oil every year before use or during collection. Electric fan wants moistureproof, prevent bask in, dustproof, the season that stops using wants to wrap, put in ventilated and dry place.