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Products of electric fan manufacturer

We, as an electric fan manufacturer, haven't stopped growing since Richy began in 1995. Beginning as a small, private company exporting Electric Home Appliances, we have been striving to provide luxury ceiling fans and others at reasonable prices in order to meet customer's demand in each market. Our products are manufactured in China, but we confidently guarantee that quality is strict quality control, careful and endurable packing, and punctual delivery time. Our emphasis is always on Quality is the first, the customer is the highest. We take pride in the broad breadth of products that we can offer to the international market. Richy is divided into such independent factories as Richy Real Estate Developing Company and the factory building, retail shop leasing corporation, motor factory, ceiling fan factory, table fan factory, plastic molding, and processing factory steel factory, timber processing factory, etc. These products are all sold under the brand name, Richy which is well known to customers who know that they can turn to an electrical fan for innovation, quality and value, not for just one product, but for an array of appliances to meet their particular needs.